Yes!  Am pregnant!  20 weeks with a girl, yahoo!!

Over the last year I began running for the first time in my life a’la Couch-2-5k.  In 7 months time I ran my first 10k (56:00), half marathon with an injury (2:14:53), and finally a 5k at 27:18.  By the end of Spring my body was beaten down from all the road miles and I shifted gears into triathlons over the summer.  I was in love.

I competed in 3 sprint distance races in which I placed in my registered category in each event.  The 3rd of which I was actually pregnant and didn’t yet know it.  I learned how to swim (I only thought i knew how to swim prior) and actually liked it, began improving my bike speed, and my brick runs & speed workouts were making me a faster short distance runner.  Needless to say, I felt strong, energized, and pretty much an all around – Mother Truckin’ Bad Ass.

My first trimester was exhausting and nauseating.  It was a good week if I could get 9 miles in.  My run times were a good minute slower and I just didn’t have the energy to get out very often.  Things began to pick up around week 10 as the nausea began to subside.  Weeks 10-14 were AMAZING.  I felt great, I was regaining some of my speed and averaging about a 9:40 pace, logging about 15 miles a week.  Weeks 14-17 were also awesome because I began working a long-run back into my routine, and while my pace slowed a bit, I was thrilled to pack on those weekend miles.

I discovered quickly how little information there is online for women, who are pregnant and running.  It’s crazy.  What little I did find, seemed more discouraging than anything.  I decided it made the most sense to me to continue to run until it just didn’t feel right anymore.  I had hoped that would carry me through the end of my pregnancy – but also realized that it was not likely.  I suppose I expected to at least make it through to the 3rd trimester.  Or not.

Week 18 hit and things just started feeling harder.  I began getting more regular braxton hicks contractions accompanied by some mild cramping.  My bones felt heavy and ached.  I ran much slower.  I just hurt.  I tried for a week every other day to see if perhaps the run before was a fluke – with the same awful results.  So I’ve thrown in the towel here at week 20.  Boo.

All this to say I’m going to try and move to swimming and biking and hope that I can keep up some routine and stay in quasi-shape.  Hopefully when I make my return to running it wont suck so bad.  But I know it will.  😦