So here is my first sewing project.  I wanted an “all season” blanket for Oban and thought I’d play around with some quilting after a botched attempt at a pinwheel knit I whipped up with some scrap yarn.  It’s not often that I get really excited about something I’ve made because I”m usually distracted by the flaws (and there are always flaws – *insert Debbie Downer whaaa whaaa whaaaaaaa*).  If I could just figure out how to soften it up…I’ve run it through the washing machine and dryer 3 times now and even run a cycle with a cup of vinegar per the wisdom of The Internet.  It’s still scratchy and I used all cotton for the quilted side and a cotton/poly knit on the other with a very thin layer of Warm and Natural cotton batting.  Maybe I should have doubled on the cotton knit and done without the fill.  Oh well.  Next baby.