We just had our furniture reupholstered and I am so so thrilled with the results I thought I would share.  The chair fabric was not my first choice, but with some encouraging I went with it and am so glad I did.  The couch is amazing.  The fabric we picked has a soft chenille feel to it but the appearance of linen – I wanted to pull a blue’ish color into the room because we have it in our marble tile in the kitchen and in some of our rugs.  They didn’t have enough of my first pick on the couch fabric which was warmer – a brown.  The sofa was originally a brown color and I had come to the conclusion that it would be a nice change to have a lighter cleaner color.  Well its definitely that.  Only Zack and I are both holding our breaths a little as to how this will fair in the long run with children.  Ack.  Oh well.  Not much to do about it at this point but enjoy it sans grub.  It looked much darker on the roll.  Oops.  I guess its a good thing Oban doesn’t drink juice.  It may have to be the ‘no red wine’ sofa.  I am notorious for knocking over wine glasses.

I am also not convinced its the right color either.  The walls are warm.  The curtains are warmer.  The chairs are REALLY warm.  It feels a little out of place.  I hate doubting my decisions.  Especially non-refundable ones.  Like the Tempurpedic bed I was certain was too firm when I was 8 months pregnant, that I insisted we exchange for a piece of shit Restonic foam mattress that was softer – but now has us skydiving every night after one year of use.  A mattress we are stuck with forever because Zack wants me to live with the constant reminder of how much I suck at picking mattresses.  (I’ve been through like 10 mattresses in the last 5 years).

In any event – the bottom line is that individually they are beautiful.  Any of these pieces alone would have cost more at retail than what I paid for all of them to be reupholstered.  The quality of work is amazing.  The customer service was above and beyond my expectations.  I am so happy I decided not to buy new furniture and reuse the well-made stuff we already had.