Bobo.  Boho?  Bomo?  It’s Booshie.  It’s Pimp.  It’s the best looking thing I’ve knit in a long time.  Allow me this moment to brag about my latest knitting project.  This is Vern’s (MIL) Christmas gift.  I worked on it for about a month and actually really enjoyed the process.  I’m usually not one for The Process – layered, detailed projects that look so great because of the finish work.  For many reasons:  I don’t crochet.  I don’t know edging.  I have only just learned to use a sewing machine.  I hate knitting anything that calls for a needle smaller than a 7.  I don’t do double points.  I don’t want to learn the Magic Loop.  I have never knit a pair of socks – nor will I ever.  And when I knit my last row I am usually ready to be DONE.

Add to these facts, I’m pretty obsessive about things looking ‘just right’ and have been known to rip completed projects because of a flaw in the first 2″ that I was sure I’d never notice once done.  I always notice.  For example – I didn’t block the bag before sewing it up because it held its shape quite well and I didn’t think it needed it (and that would have been more work – and I’m quite fond of skipping steps wherever possible).  Tisk, tisk, tisk.  Rookie mistake.  You should always block.  Otherwise you get a pucker (fucker) somewhere and you will forever look at that thing and think to yourself ‘It was almost perfect‘.  It won’t matter that no one else sees it or gives a shit if they do.

The pattern is The Chip Bag by The Stitch Poet .  You should go check out her patterns because A) she is a hot mama with a daughter in college who models her work and is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, and B) her knitting is friggin gorgeous!  and C) she held my hand as I worked through her Chip Bag.

I used Cascade Magnum yarn on size 13’s and it could not have been more perfect (except for that aforementioned f. pucker).  I’m really happy with the way it knit up and the bag was complete within 2 days.  I was able to score some leather scraps from my friend Amanda (who makes these fabulous leather bags worth your mortgage payment – and you should go visit her too because she’s hot also and apparently beautiful people make really rad things).

I handstitched all the pieces together because I was unwilling at that point to learn how to thread a machine.  But in the end I decided the handstitching just adds to its booshie’ness, no?  Actually thats a lie.  I’m calling ‘shabby’ on account of my fear of the presser foot.  Just go with it.   Zack made the dowels out of some cherry he had and I used some bronze cabinet knobs from Home Depot for the finnials.  I was hoping to find something great from Anthropologie but didn’t come across anything I loved.  The bag handles were made from a belt I found at a thrift store.  The best part of this bag, in my opinion, is this great brooch.  The artist who makes these little nuggets of felted and beaded bliss has an Etsy shop – Tastykaeru.  She is Scottish.  And since I have a child named after a Scotch, and am married to the decendent of many Scots, destiny is clearly at work here.

Ahh.  She’s a beaut eh?