Much like the Doobie Brothers,  “Jesus is just alright with me…”. Not only is Jesus just alright, but when Allison Krauss sings about “oh brother lets go down to the river and pray”, I’m ready to call up my Jesus lovin’ brother for a swim.  I’m not Christian.  I’m not Jewish, or Muslim, or even as much as I’d like to be, Buddhist.  I’m just Stella.  (and I’m really not even that.)

I do love me some good music though, and I’ve been rootin around I-Tunes for some new stuff.  Yesterday, I followed one of those ‘other listeners liked…’ links after browsing through some Nickel Creek (Borderline Jesus Music with enough fiddle to make it feel a little less freaky), and stumbled upon a gal named Mindy Smith.  Ahh…Mindy’s voice in that 30 sec sound clip was like honey.  A bit like The Sundays.  One might even say, heavenly.  Sold.  To the Sister of a Christian who hasn’t listened to her Jars of Clay cd since 1993 when she REALLY wanted to impress him.  Rain, Rain wasn’t so bad, but I didn’t even know who I was lifting myself up to.

So this morning I downloaded Mindy’s entire CD.  I was very excited.  I plopped down into the couch and grabbed my knitting…and let Mindy loose on the Bose speakers.  Within the first three songs I began to notice a trend.  References to He, and YOU, and being saved.  Uh oh.  But in my naivety I was falling in love with her sweet voice and the suggestion of heartbreak and new love.  Ahhh…I know how it can be.  Until the next song she mentions going over to a neighbors house and asking if he has the KEY to heaven.  Oh for the love!

Soon enough, by track eight, it is very clear that Mindy and Jesus are tight, and I have just spent 9.99 to add Holy Music to my poor unsuspecting husbands I-Pod.  And I’m sorta pissed.  I feel a little lied to.  A little like – THEY GOT ME!  (Yes, a little edgy, I got witnessed one too many times by the Tallahassee Church of Christ in college).  So anyway, where was the disclaimer?  How could the I-TUNES people have just conveniently left the little Mindy Loves To Sing About Jesus DETAIL out of the artist bio?  I mean, its fine that Mindy loves Jesus and Gang, but STELLA DOESNT.  She loves, Jack Johnson and Gang.

Let me try to explain it to you.  It’s like…it’s like let’s say I came on here one day and wrote this passionate love story, about me and some dude….and of course it was fictional, because, we all love Zack but it was gripping, and passionate, and it made you think of that guy you dated in college.  But then you get to the end of my story and I reveal that the man’s name is Spidey.  Short for Spiderman.  How do you feel about that?

You love Spiderman…he’s great.  He does good things – has a decent reputation.  But you KNOW I didn’t really meet Spidey.  You now worry that what I really need is some therapy.  Kind of a bummer eh?  Yeah.  Well, thats how I feel about Jesus Music.  It sorta creeps me out.  Because when people start talkin all desperate and romantic and lustful about relationships with quasi-fictional characters, it’s sorta whacka-doo.

It’s disappointing because Mindy’s voice is so beautiful, but I don’t want to hear about where to find the keys to heaven.  Really.  I don’t.  Because I’m still trying to find the keys to my car.  Tell me how to be a better listener.  A better friend.  A better lover.  Sing to me about birth, and death, and new beginnings.  I want to hear about good sex, and great conversations, rainbows and sunsets!  But nails in my hands and being SAVED?  Naa, I’m good.  Because Jesus is just alright with me.  Oh yeah!